Welcome to Reallo

We're the new digital rental agency keen to
change how letting is done for the better.


Hi There!

We are Nadine, Emma, Mary, Kimo and Amber. Nice to meet you! We are a mix of Dutchies and expats living in Amsterdam. Over the last years we have helped a lot of internationals find a home and feel at home at our partner Expat Housing Network.

However after years of supporting tenants find a home we saw that the letting market did not change or develop over time. The world is becoming more digital and the people looking for a new home as well. This however is not reflected in the services from the letting agents towards the landlords and tenants, nor in the prices that are being charged to you-the homeowner. TIME FOR CHANGE. That’s why we started Reallo.

Our mission

We believe that landlords can pay less for a better service and that tenants also deserve better treatment. How? We focus our efforts on creating a smart digital and efficient service that helps you find tenants faster and for less commission and that offers a pleasant experience to both you and your future tenant.

Why work with us?

We are not your typical real estate agent. We know what a great customer experience is. We know how to create great processes. We will take care of your property like it is our own. We make sure that you will have great tenants who are happy and will stay. All because we care and we enjoy doing a great job.

A bit more about us

Ops manager

Moving from Australia it was her plan to stay for two years with her partner and then move on. 12 years and two lovely kids later, Amber and her family couldn’t be happier in Amsterdam. She’s the glue and the operational mind behind Reallo and after several years managing the rental business at Expat Housing Network she knows her way around all things rental market.

Customer success (letting)

Nadine was born in the Netherlands but raised in Ecuador and Bolivia. After finishing high-school in Santa Cruz de la Sierra she moved back to the Netherlands, reconnected with her roots and she found her passion for helping international people in The Netherlands. With years of experience and being trilingual we’re more than happy to have her on the team.

Customer success

Emma, a recent expatriate from Canada via Czech Republic, has been working in the Netherlands as a rental manager who writes the occasional blog post (which makes perfect sense, considering where you’re reading this). She’s a firm believer that Amsterdam is the best city in the world, and loves to tell people about it any chance she gets. We couldn’t agree more!


Kimo has Caribbean blood flowing through his veins but feels at home in Amsterdam where he moved to 13 years ago. After launching EHN years ago it slowly began to itch to offer a better experience for landlords and tenants. After years of getting to learning what makes for a great customer experience it was finally time to take the step. Welcome Reallo!

Mary Williams
Office manager

Mary is a Welsh and American expat, who grew up in Brussels and Paris, and is now delighted to call Amsterdam her home. Ever the optimist, Mary always sees the positive side of things, and is ready to give any challenge her best shot. She has a passion for working with people, and supporting them to find the best and preferred outcome of a situation.